Well, this controversial topic is once again rearing its head, not only here in Maine, but all over the United States.

With the powerful Delta strain of Covid-19 picking up steam all across the country and daily infections on the rise in a major way, talk has turned to the possibility of making mask-wearing indoors a thing once again. The CDC has already recommended that people do so. This, by the way, includes those who have already been fully vaccinated.

Governor Mills, Dr. Nirav Shah and the Maine Centers For Disease Control, are currently pondering this question. In fact, York and Piscataquis counties currently have a high spread of the virus and have they made the recommendation to residents to mask up there. The other counties in Maine currently are in the "moderate" category, including those of us here in Penobscot County.

As mentioned before, as of right now, it is merely a recommendation, but as this variant is taking off like a rocket all over the country, the likelihood that once again, we could be mandated to wear face coverings, is a very real possibility, which will affect schools and businesses all over the state.

Of course, the Maine CDC has a simple solution to keep numbers down, and people healthy, and that is to get yourself vaccinated.

We would like to hear your thoughts, so vote in our poll, and stay safe out there!

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