Bangor Police say they will never call to demand money, in order to avoid arrest.

It's not a new scam. Crooks will call residents and tell them it's the local police department calling. They will usually tell the person something like there's a warrant out for their arrest, or they missed a court date. But, it's okay, they'll tell the victim, because paying a fine over the phone will make it all go away.

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The victim is then instructed to buy gift cards, wait for a return call from the 'police,' and read the card numbers and PIN numbers to the 'officer.' At this point, Bangor Police say, the person's money is gone and will never be retrieved. The total amounts lost usually tops $1,000. It's a scam that's been around for a while, but this time around there's a more personal wrinkle. Officials have learned that at least one resident received a call from someone identifying himself as Sergeant Wade Betters of the Bangor Police Department. There actually is a member of the force with that name, and he is the media liaison for the department, so his name is well-known. It adds a scary air of legitimacy to a totally bogus call.

So, Bangor Police have taken to their Facebook page to remind residents that they will never call and demand money to avoid arrest. It's just not something any law enforcement agency will do. They say the police are not calling to demand money.

Anyone receiving one of these calls should just hang up. If they're still unsure about whether the call is legitimate, they can call the Bangor Police directly and ask about it. The Bangor Police Department's phone number is 207-947-7384.

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