A new restaurant has been in the works in the North Brewer Shopping plaza since October looks like it is about to open its doors on March 17th.

Mad Kat and Company Bar and Grill  began renovating the old Jesters/City Side location since late last summer with plans to open as a restaurant, entertainment, and large gathering center on North Main Street in Brewer.

The former location, Jester's and City Side Restaurant, closed its doors in July of last year but the new owners of the space look to bring back the spirit of the former business.

Steve and Kat Markwith, who also have Brewer businesses Even Keel Tax and Mad Kat DJ Services, along with another couple, Neil and Angela Guay are partners in starting up this new venue and restaurant.

Speaking with the Markwiths last fall when renovating was taking place, Jester's was where the Markwiths met each other and where they met their now business partners.  That spirit of bringing people together was a huge motivator to bring life back to the empty space.  The tagline of the restaurant "Friends meet and become family" is inspired by the togetherness found in the location and what their mission is with their new business.

Expect different uses and separate spaces for Mad Kat and Company with a conference center, an American cuisine centered family dining experience and a bar and dancing area.  One of the important factors for the venue was a focus on bringing a new venue for karaoke and smaller performances, things important to co-owner Kat Markwith, a DJ.

Lots of renovating has been taking place with lots of upgrades to the space, like new electrical, kitchen stuff, remodeled space and fixtures

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