Check it out, Bangor! Don't want to travel all the way to southern Maine for some Korean cuisine? I don't blame you!

Well, it looks like we are in luck here in Bangor. We've got "real kimchi" coming our way via a new restaurant called Korean Dad.

Look what's (soon-to-be) cooking on Center Street in Bangor.

Coming this spring to Center Street in Bangor is Korean Dad, a new restaurant specializing in Korean soul food. The restaurant will have a casual dine-in option and, of course, take out.

We are still waiting on an official date but, it's almost spring anyway.

Some of the descriptors on the restaurant's Facebook page include: cozy, authentic, wholesome. No intimidating dishes or a stuffy atmosphere It's all about the comfort food, my friend.

What can we expect on the menu? The Facebook page has been sharing a few pictures of dishes we can soon order but the comments section is really giving us a bigger picture which includes Korean barbecue chicken and Bibimbap, a Korean rice dish.

Certain dishes can be made vegan or vegetarian, while other dishes can be made with tofu instead of meat.

Keep up-to-date with Korean Dad by following their Facebook page, Korean Dad.

Intrigued but not quite sure what to expect?  Here's a cooking video to get a little familiar with one particular Korean dish mentioned on the 'Korean Dad' Facebook page, a very popular Korean dish called Bibimbap.

It's great to know the recipe but, I'll leave the cooking to 'Korean Dad' ;)

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