Moe's Original BBQ locations in Bangor and South Portland will be closed temporarily after an employee at the South Portland location tested positive for COVID-19.

The restaurant's owner, Dewey Hasbrouck, said he would close South Portland location until testing can be performed on all employees. He said they are exercising extreme caution and temporarily closing the Bangor location until he gets tested because he travels between the both restaurants.

The announcement was posted on their 'Moe's Original BBQ-Bangor, ME' Facebook page on Wednesday.  The post states the following:

...the Moe's BBQ in South Portland will be closed until our entire staff can get tested for Covid-19. We have a part-time employee who tested positive - he hasn't worked in over a week - but we are all concerned about our staff's safety AND our customer's safety, so we think it's best to shut down until we can confirm that we're all healthy and Covid-19 free!!

With that said, out of an abundance of caution we are also going to temporarily close our Bangor location until I get tested as I do go back & forth between the two stores! I'm sorry for any inconvenience...

Moe's Original BBQ in Bangor had been open during the lockdown providing contactless pick-up during the pandemic by using their drive-thru and a table to pick up ordered items.

Their website also provides a link to donate $8 for first responders during the pandemic.

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