Local restaurants are doing what they can to keep their staff and patrons safe while trying to make a livelihood.  Unfortunately, there are some patrons that don't appreciate the efforts.

This is the case for Mason's Brewing Company who had a patron leave a lengthy negative review on Google about having to wear a mask at their establishment.  The restaurant took to social media to share the review and to share their response in the highly sensitive topic.

Mason's Brewing Company of Brewer shared a screenshot of the review on their Facebook page from disgruntled patron 'Notyour Business'.  The review explains how the patron was dissatisfied going to the restaurant and having to wear a mask.

The review, left on Google read as follows:

Worst experience with any business around here yet. There is an order in place to wear a maskout in public unless you are under the age of 2 years or unless you have medical issues that prevent you from being able to breathe with one on. Apparently this establishment has no clue what the CDC is requiring. I can not wear a mask for a list of medical reasons. I called the day before going to this establishment to make sure I was not going to have an issue coming here to enjoy dinner and drinks. I really didn't think it was going to be a problem since every other establishment around seems to understand the order. I have not had one problem with one business yet. This place obviously has no value for their customers. When I called they told me I would have no problem. To just explain at the door that I can not wear a mask for medical reasons. My friend drove six hours to me to drive two more hours to take me to your establishment because that's where I wanted to go, just to be told at the door that I could not come in because I can not medically wear a mask. I spoke to the manager and told him that I called yesterday and spoke to a manager, but that did not matter. These are some of the most ignorant people that I've had to deal with since I've been here. I wouldn't come to your establishment again if there was no order and I was starving and the food was free.

The Facebook post by the restaurant was issued shortly after the review was published.  Here is the response from the restaurant that also included a screenshot of the review:

We hope that our guests understand that we are doing our very best to stay in business and keep everyone that comes through our doors safe by abiding by our governor’s guidelines for restaurants.
#awefuleverything #thankyoukaren #masonsbrewing
@ Mason's Brewing Company


Mason's Brewing holds 4.6 out of 5 stars in the reviews on Google accumulated from 1,162 reviews of the Brewer restaurant.

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