First and foremost, this is a pretty impressive feat. Just walk up to a board and draw a circle freehand like it's no big deal? I know I can't. It'd just be a lopsided egg-y thing that looks more like a sin against nature than a circle.

This miraculous event took place last April at the Bangor High School Talent Show, and was performed by Lucas Burt, who's since graduated. I gotta say though, I think what I love most about it is the David Blaine Meets David Copperfield kinds of shtick happening here.

Much like the act of just drawing the circle, if I were to walk out onstage and try to pull off this trick on my own, I'd likely fall flat on may face. And I don't mean that figuratively. I'd probably find the only mosquito turd on the whole floor, and I'd slip on it and die. You say that's impossible? Obviously you've never met me in person. Hahaha.

But, this video has gone kinda viral. It was posted to YouTube a week ago, and has not only gotten over 100,000 views on its own, it's been picked up by several national news outlets like Time and The Daily Mail. And with good reason. It's fun!

Now hopefully, since Lucas has gone on to graduate, we can only hope that he's either moved on from his perfect circle drawing days, or that he's decided to become a geometry major, and is somehow going to put this very specific skill to good use. Or maybe I'm just channeling his parents hopes and dreams.

At any rate, well done Lucas! And enjoy a few extra minutes of fame, thanks to the internet!

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