Two of the biggest movies of the last were 2016's Trolls and its 2020 sequel Trolls World Tour.  The movies, based on the big-haired toys of the 80s and 90s, have made over $350 million.  Had the pandemic not caused it to be released straight to video-on-demand, Trolls World Tour probably would have made significantly more.

And, as is nearly always the case with kids and family movies, there's a pile of Trolls merchandise available to consumers.  Shirts, coloring books, CDs (music downloads), and toys.

Now, we're hearing there is a Trolls toy that is causing concern with some parents.  In fact, one parent has gone viral after pointing out the issue.

The problem is with the Trolls World Tour version of the Poppy troll.   The toy, whose character was originally voiced by Mainer Anna Kendrick (not sure about the toy) does everything advertised on the box including singing and says ten phrases.  That's not all it does, though.

There's a button on the toy's "bottom" that, when pressed, makes Poppy make some questionable sounds.������ She giggles and seems to gasp.  Some people say she sounds like she's being pleasured.

According to Heavy, the reason the button is in that location is to make the doll giggle when it sits down.  Hasbro has said it plans to discontinue the doll and will give replacements.

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