One local dog is jumping for joy when social media content creators, Dodo, recently showcased his jumps for joy by posting his story on social media and now it's going viral.

Tatum, a shelter dog who lives in Hermon, gets very excited when he sees his neighbor, Greg, and tends to jump for joy. Then again, if your neighbor greeted you with a treat every time you saw him, you'd probably jump for joy, too.

Check out Tatum's story below:

Charles Lever, Tate's owner, took to Facebook to say how happy he was with how Tate's story was told:

Working with The Dodo was so much fun. They told Tate’s story so much better than we could have ❤️

Thank you @maggiethedodo


Thank you, Tate, for bringing more joy to this world.  Who's a good boy :)

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I guess it’s already growing on me. #sweater #tatumtalks #christmas

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