If you spend enough time on Reddit, you'll find several forums that offer up open-ended questions. One of those forums posed this query; would you cut 5 years off of your own life to give to your dog and if so, why? This question received more than 9,000 comments but there was one response that gained a lot of attention. A story about a dog, a family and a black bear that took place in Maine and it is one heck of a rollercoaster ride.


Shared on Reddit by Experimentality, the story itself is remarkable. To summarize, the family returned to their cabin while in Maine after darkness had set in. They encountered a black bear at their cabin who was posturing. Without command, the family dog (who was typically quite lazy) launched a defensive attack against the bear. The bear then chased the dog into the woods. The family quickly shuffled into the cabin and the man telling this story grabbed a rifle and went looking for the bear and his dog.

This is the part where the story gets a little heart wrenching. While the bear confrontation and subsequent duel with the family dog took about 5 total minutes, the man spent more than 2 hours that evening searching the woods for his beloved 15-year-old English Bull Terrier named Daisy. He eventually found her, curled up next a tree, gashed from side to side with a crushed leg and shattered hip. But she was alive and her tail was wagging in excitement to see him. The man initially ended his story by saying he owed Daisy 3 lives, never mind 5 years.


But people wanted to know. What happened to Daisy? With those injuries, did she survive? The answer is yes. She doesn't go on walks like she used to, but she survived a black bear battle and lived to tell about it. Dogs are truly remarkable.

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