Let's face it, dogs can be super-quirky. And by super quirky, I mean SUPER quirky.

In a time when most of the content we're seeing on our social media feeds is either political, divisive or both, it's nice to see these videos still making the rounds. It's nice to see something that makes us smile once in a while as opposed to being angry and spiteful.

We all know that dogs can be emotional animals, and sometimes even a little dramatic. I guess what I'm saying is that dogs have a tendency to act like teenagers. Enjoy this video of a little dog getting incredibly jealous at these two trying to get a smooch in. She just won't have it. No way, no how is this dog going to let this kiss happen!

This dog is a dachshund-chihuahua mix and is clearly aggravated at the public display of affection that is being attempted here.
Has your dog ever done anything like this? Maybe you have a pet that has some weird emotional response to something that you do in or around your home? If you do, it would be great if you would share that with us so we can share it with out audience.

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