Cute Halloween Costumes For Your Pets
I truly envy those who can dress their cats and dogs up in little Halloween costumes. My cats are not cooperative and my dog acts like she's being absolutely tortured. Enjoy your charmed life full of dogs dressed up like cowboys and cats dressed like pizza. You are truly living the dream, so I&…
The Best Rated Bike Trailers for Kiddos and Pets
Bike trailers are amazing. They make it so easy to take your little kid or pet on an adventure with you on a greenbelt or bike trail, cruise around the neighborhood or around the block! Spend time together outdoors while giving your passenger a great view of the scenery while they safely riding alon…
Mainers, Beware of Flea Collar Linked to Pet Deaths
These collars have been available to consumers since 2012. Since that time, their have been over 1600 pet deaths linked to the collars, 75,000 pet incident reports linked to these collars and at least 1000 harmful incidents reported for humans.

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