Enjoying outdoor activities in Bangor just became a little safer, thanks to some grant money secured by the City's Public Health and Community Services department.

The money is being used to purchase and install hand sanitizing stations in outdoor areas throughout the city.

According to a post put up on the City Of Bangor, Maine City Hall Facebook Page, the City has already started to install these sanitizing stations in spots across Bangor.

"These stations were purchased with funds the City received from the first round of grant funding from the Keep Maine Healthy 2020 Municipal COVID-19 Awareness Campaign....The Parks and Recreation department will be installing these stations in various locations such as near play structures in parks and schools, at trail heads, and other outdoor recreation areas. Parks and Recreation will maintain these stations through the fall."

The addition of these stations will be an added layer of protection at area parks, as we mentioned in an article about when they first reopened, that Bangor has been sanitizing playgrounds regularly since allowing the public back on to the facilities. But the Parks and Rec Department still recommends that folks maintain social distancing, wear masks when possible, and avoid using trails, parks or public equipment when feeling ill or exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19. And in a post on the Bangor Parks and Rec Facebook Page, they also recommend being prepared to encounter limited use of bathroom and water fountain facilities in these space.


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