An Orrington man faces an aggravated attempted murder charge after a shooting outside a Bangor restaurant in May.

The Penobscot County grand jury on Wednesday handed up the indictment against Jordan David Bishop, 32. Bishop was arrested in the early morning hours of May 12 upon exiting Tesoro's Pizzeria on Harlow Street.

At that address, police found another man who has suffered multiple gunshot wounds. The victim was treated for his injuries at a local hospital and released.

A report states the shooting occurred after a fight broke out when two men discovered Bishop urinating on their car. Bishop alleged returned to the scene for the altercation and fired several shots.

The indictment charges Bishop with aggravated attempted murder, attempted murder, elevated aggravated assault, aggravated assault, reckless conduct with a firearm, and aggravated criminal mischief.

A grand jury does not determine the guilt or innocence of a defendant, only whether the prosecution has enough evidence to proceed to trial.

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