Z107.3  wants to take the time to give you a little more information about the artists that you hear all day, everyday on Bangor's #1 Hit Music Station.

This week we put the artist spotlight on Blanco Brown.

REAL NAME:  Good question...

BIRTH DATE: Can't find it....

WHERE FROM: Atlanta, Georgia

MUSICAL LINKS: Chris Brown, Pitbull,


  • Influenced by OutKast and Johnny Cash
  • Blanco Brown's song 'The Git Up' is a mash up of a newly emerging genre of hip hop country and has bit #1 on the Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart
  • His song 'The Git Up' has inspired the #GitUpChallenge which has inspired people here in Maine to get in on the challenge.  Here's a viral video you've probably seen of East Millinocket police officer Eze VanBuckley doing the challenge

All information obtained by artist's Facebook page and Wikipedia.

Here is a tune that will sound familiar to you, the Z listener.

Need some instructions on dancing to the 'Git Up', here's a quick tutorial:

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