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This week we put the artist spotlight on Ritt Momney.

REAL NAME: Jack Rutter

WHERE FROM: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States


  • The song 'Put Your Records On' is actually a cover.  The original artist is African American singer Corinne Bailey Rae.
  • The song became a TikTok viral hit when used for a makeup tutorial that became very popular.
  • Ritt Momney is actual an AKA name of solo artist Jack Rutter
  • His name is a play on Mitt Romney, a Senator out of Utah.
  • Rutter has caught some flak about covering this song since the original is song by a black woman speaking of her experience growing up as a black girl
  • The name Ritt Momney was actually a name for Jack Rutter's original high school band.  The other members left to become missionaries for the Church of Latter Day Saints.
  • Recording the song 'Put Your Records On' was brought about by a bout of depression during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Covering the song, Rutter states, was a form of manifesting positivity during a negative time for society and was spur of the moment.  It was recorded in his parents' basement at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All information obtained by Wikipedia

Here is a tune that will sound familiar to you, the Z listener.

Here's the original song, for comparison:

Here's more from Ritt Momney that maybe some aren't so familiar to the Z peeps...


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