After 3 months of being closed due the Covid-19 pandemic, Orono Trampoline Park is open for business once again. Online response to this news was primarily positive, with many parents excited about the option to take their kids to jump.

An Orono Trampoline park representative we spoke with said they are very excited to reopen and see customers in person again. But they've had to make some changes in order to keep folks safe.

"We ask customers to wear masks inside but it is up to the jumper if they would like to wear them [while jumping].  We are only allowing online booking and because of capacity. [And there's] 1 spectator per jumper." The playground and foam pit will remain closed, as well.

According to their Facebook Page, the Orono trampoline park has altered it's hours a bit, are only selling 60 minute time slots and will not be hosting special events like Glow-night.

When one customer asked about their cleaning protocol, management at the Orono Trampoline Park said they're strictly following CDC guideline when it comes to cleaning, including using disinfectant to sanitize highly-trafficked surfaces throughout the day.

"We also have our fog machine that disinfects spots we can’t easily 'wipe down'. We have also made 15 minute gaps between bookings to allow us to sanitize before the next group... At the end of the night we will do a whole facility clean to get the park ready for the next day."

For more information, to complete the online safety waiver or to book a time slot to jump, you can check out their website

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