The sweetest story was mentioned on Facebook that gives us all a little warmth in our hearts at a time when we could all use it.
The Orono Fire Department shared a story of an event that transpired over the weekend of one grateful young lady that just wanted to show her appreciation for our brave fire fighters of Orono.

Orono Fire Department shared their story on Facebook.

The post explains how a little girl just wanted to say thank you in one way that was very valuable for her:

On Saturday, March 20th, the Orono Fire Department responded to a call for a fire alarm alert at 4 Marsh Lane. A little girl living there wanted to thank the Orono Fire Department for what they did that day and for what they continue to do for the community. She insisted on giving the firefighters, a dollar bill. The crew kindly explained to the little girl, that they were not allowed to take donations. The little girl was with her grandmother who encouraged them to take the donation. So as not to disappoint her, they took the dollar bill. A big thank you to that young lady in the community who only wanted to thank the Fire Department. In turn the Fire Department will donate the dollar bill to Circle K who is running a program for donations for masks for children. So, you see, this is not just paper money, but one little girl’s generous giving with an open heart to thank someone who did a good deed, and that “dollar” will make a difference for a child. When you share your resources, it is then there is abundance and inflow of everything that you need.

Getting a little spiritual at the end and after a year of uncertainty and new territory, it's great to see the heart continuing to endure despite our collective community's difficulties.

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