Maine is known for a lot of things and in recent years we have made a name for ourselves for all of our local craft breweries. You can’t walk or drive 10 feet without seeing a brewery flocked with locals taste tasting the seasonal drops or enjoying a pint of their all-time favorite ales.

One major brewery that is loved across the state is Orono Brewing Company, which is of course, based out of Orono, Maine.

Orono Brewing Company in Orono, Maine

You’ll find Orono Brew Co.’s beers on menus all around the state, especially the cult-favorite Tubular IPA. They’ve also grown even more of a following since releasing their epically delicious and vibrant Wild Maine Hard Seltzer. You’ll know you’ve found it when you see a neon can whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

Speaking of recent Orono Brew releases, the brewery is doing something incredible, delicious, philanthropic, and significant through a new IPA drop coming out Friday, September 16.

Orono Brew Co. Autonomy IPA Release Party

A new IPA hitting the scene is good news in itself but the purpose behind Orono Brewing Company’s new Autonomy IPA is remarkable.

The Orono-based brewing company recently posted on Facebook showcasing their new IPA that’s about to drop tomorrow titled “Autonomy IPA”, brewed and designed to enhance community support and awareness for an extremely good cause here in Maine.

Orono Brew has teamed up with Mabel Wadsworth Center based out of Bangor, a non-profit that provides sexual and reproductive healthcare and has been helping those in Maine since 1984.

Businesses with this type of platform can make a significant difference by doing things like this. I didn't know the Mabel Wadsworth Center existed and now I am thrilled to know about this resource for myself and others.

There will be a release party for the new IPA tomorrow, Friday, September 16 at their brewery in Orono and 20% of all sales from the release party will be donated to the Center.

Their goal is to raise $2,000!

So, if you’re looking for Friday night plans, head to Orono Brewing Company for a party from 5-9 p.m. and drink beer for an incredible cause. They’ll even have live music starting at 6 p.m.

It’s the best of all worlds.

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