If you are fan of tea, want to be a part of virtual tea party and help raise money for a fantastic cause, check out this event happening this Sunday.

It's called the 4th Annual Holiday Tea and is a virtual tea party fundraiser for local non-profit Sarah's House of Maine.

Sarah's House is a non-profit out of Holden that opened in 2014 to help provide a place close to the Cancer Care Center of Maine for cancer patients and their caregivers.  It is meant to serve those that need to travel a great distance for their cancer treatment and to be an affordable option that is also supportive and healing experience to patients going through cancer treatment
This tea party is featuring teas from a local tea store in Winterport called Tea Maineia as well as delicious treats from Simply Sweet Pastry Studio of out Orrington.

There will be three courses of sweet treats and teas that have been paired to be complementary of each other and provide for a great tea party experience.

Here's what is on the menu for this fun experience:

  • First course: Lemon ginger scones and orange cranberry scones
  • Second course: Cucumber sandwiches, beef wellington crostini and pear gruyere tart
  • Third course: Chocolate gingerbread mini-cake, shortbread cookie, needhams and truffles.

You need to purchase tickets to be part of the event, which includes purchasing a take-home box to enjoy the three course tea party from home.  You can purchase one box for $35 or two boxes for $65.

If you looking for gluten-free or vegetarian options, those options are available- just be sure to look out for that info during check out.

There are a limited number of boxes and spots at the tea party so, don't sit on this decision for too long.

To purchase tickets/boxes and to find out more about this event by visit the Facebook event page '4th Annual Holiday Tea' administered by Sarah's House of Maine.

Check out more about Sarah's House of Maine at their website SarahsHouseofMaine.org

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