There's a cover band called The Cleverly's based out of Arkansas that play some pretty twangy country.  Their look is very old school country- suit jackets, cowboy hats, country boots.  Even their instrumentation is old school: fiddles, banjos and an upright bass.

It's what you would expect of old school country with a bunch of white guys standing up on stage in a line twanging away with as little movement as possible.

But one thing that really makes this seemingly old country act relevant to a modern style is simply the songs they cover.

At first it seems to make fun of the old gold country days but once you see how good they are, you figure out these guys are for real and they just appreciate new music... or at least make decent money at doing it.

Do you expect old white southern guys to cover Beyonce?

Dr. Dre?

Flo Rida?  You may have seen this on Facebook...

How about Fergie?

Haven't had enough?  They also cover The Bangles, Kid Rock, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck and a ton others.  Just head over to You Tube and search The Cleverlys... you won't be disappointed.

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