The building at 33 State Street in downtown Bangor was Bangor Hydro’s main headquarters. Before that, it was a bank.

The Great Bangor Fire was in 1911. Construction began at the corner of  State and Exchange Streets in 1912. That was back when buildings had marble floors, solid wooden archways and railings, and other art deco from the era.

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However, since Bangor Hydro moved out in 2004, 33 State St. has been sitting mostly empty.

Until this week.

The first of 15 new luxury up-scale apartments has a tenant, with other units expecting move-ins soon.

If you are wondering how they fit 15 one and two-bedroom apartments into that building, the building next door at 233 Exchange Street is now, and has been, connected in the past on the inside with 33 State to act as one building. City Drawers Boutique is on the first floor at 233 Exchange.

Dash Davidson, a real estate developer, and his partners have some more news still to come.

We are in discussions with companies to bring in a unique business for the first floor of 33 State. I have a couple of interesting ideas that I’d like to see compliment that space and building

More tenants will be moving in this month, and expect a full building by spring at 33 State. Contemporary amenities like a gym, and rooftop decks in a historic building. Info about availability here.

The same group that owns the building also purchased 27 State Street across the street, where Nest recently moved into and the rest of that building will be renovated and updated next.

This was prior to their first project after purchasing 2 Hammond Street.

Nice to see downtown buildings that are over a hundred years old being re-purposed instead of torn down.

Dash says

We just want these beautiful buildings to be useful again, and bringing 100 more people to live in downtown, brings more energy to the area.

Want to see what they’ve done? Of course, you do.

Old Bangor Hydro Building Now Apartments

Bangor Hydro Building from over 100 years ago now apartments

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