According to an article in the Kennebec Journal, police and school officials are investigating a blatant show of disregard, racism and vandalism at a Central Maine School.

The KJ is reporting that at some point between last Thursday evening and Friday morning, someone, or some people, vandalized the side of the Albert S Hall School on Pleasant Street in Waterville.

Officials say that on the side of the school, black spray paint had been used to write the 'N' word and also a set of apparent male genitalia. Someone who drives by the school on a frequent basis noticed the vandalism on Friday morning and promptly reported it to school officials. At that time the school officials then notified the Waterville Police Department.

Assistant Superintendent Peter Hallen told the Kennebec Journal that the former school resource officer, Linda Smedberg, responded to the scene. At that time a janitor at the school used a tarp to cover up the nearly 8 foot long section of vandalism.

In an email that went out to school faculty and parents of students, Hallen said in part;

“While it was not directed at an individual and implied no threat of harm, this cowardly and racist act affronts all of us and everything we are committed to as a school community.”

“While it was a priority to remove the racist graffiti before students returned to school, this is not an indication that we have moved on from the incident. We will not tolerate members of our community being targeted based on their identities.”

“To achieve this, we must come together as a community to denounce hateful actions and to support and embrace members of our community who are subject to such conduct. We encourage all of you to be proactive should you encounter behavior that conflicts with the Maine Human Rights Act and/or threatens your or someone else’s sense of safety.”

Waterville interim Police Chief, Bill Bonney, says that officer Smedburg is leading the investigation into this incident and that anyone who has any information should reach out to her.

The Waterville Police Department can be reached at 207.680.4700

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