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Omnivorous Adam is a chef who has a very popular YouTube Channel, with an impressive 141,000 subscribers.

His videos are about all things related to the kitchen, such as recipe videos, how-to, cooking tips, and showcasing dishes from all over

In his latest, he takes on Maine Lobster Rolls, and gives you his secrets and tips, and also, how you can make the most perfect, authentic one.

From using the best spilt-top roll, to just the right amount of mayo, and all the other ingredients in between, like butter, lemon, celery, and black pepper, Adam puts together a lobster roll that will make your mouth water, and best of all, shows you how to do it at home

It's pretty amazing that people from all over the world clamor for something we probably take for granted because we live here. There are a ton of establishments that offer this tasty Maine treat, although there is always some debate on how to do it the "perfect way"

Last year, we did a poll of Eastern Maine’s favorite lobster rolls. Here are the results:

#10 - Warren's Waterfront Restaurant, Bucksport
#9 - There's A Treat Take-Out, Deer Isle
#8 - Jones Lobster Company, Holden
#7 - Young's Lobster Pound, Belfast
#6 - Bagaduce Lunch, Penobscot
#5 - Friar's Brew House, Bucksport
#4 - Crosby's Drive-In, Bucksport
#3 - Eagle's Nest, Brewer
#2 - Carrier's Mainly Lobster, Bucksport
#1 - The Lobster Buoy, Bangor

Be sure to check out his other videos as well. He comes up with some very creative recipes and suggestions.

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