This might be the time of the year when people start thinking about being in a state other than Maine.

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The skies are gray, the days are shorter, the temperatures are colder, and the vegetation isn’t as lush as it is in summer.

If you were to leave the state, and move elsewhere could you guess which state more Mainers said than any other potential new state?

The survey says Florida. Of course it does. It’s January.

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If people were asked in any season other than winter, the probability is more would choose some other states that might make Florida less of an obvious answer.

This is the time of the year Florida boasts of its great weather. The state is called the Sunshine State. There is little humidity in the winter, especially compared to those killer summers,

Not that the attempt is to sell anyone on moving to Florida. Just relaying a survey about where Mainers choose to move when they do so in the winter.

Actually, lots of people move to Florida, live there for a few years, and decide it is not for them and leave for somewhere else.

Those from here who do that and move back to the Carolinas for example are called half-backs. Meaning they are moving halfway back up north.

Family Destinations Guide surveyed families to find out where families would move to if they could hypothetically have a clean break and move somewhere else

There are several reasons why the Sunshine State is a desirable place to live, including its lack of state income tax, sunny weather, diverse population, delicious food, and exciting attractions. Each day, it attracts hundreds of newcomers to its beach-lined shores.

To each their own. Whatever makes you happy.

Just something to think about and spend time researching when you are stuck inside due to winter weather in Maine.

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