Were you in York County this morning and early afternoon? Well, lucky you!


This is crazy pants. People took video of the insanity as it came racing through Southern Maine. June Millin in Biddeford was hoping that her car wasn't damaged!

Fingers crossed it looks okay. But according to News Center Maine, Marc Motors in Sanford was not as lucky with every car in their lot getting damaged by hail. That's over 1,000 cars!  They actually were 'plowing' the hail to get it off the lot! They are waiting to hear back from their insurance company.


This would have been shocking news in 2019...but it's 2020. All bets are off! Steven Bridges was in Biddeford when the storm went through Biddo!

Only in Maine. Some took the hail in stride posing in bare feet or sandals standing on a white lawn. Some say that it reminded them of winter and WAY too early for those thoughts. If 2020 were a lemon, it would be all rind. Hard to make lemonade out of rind, but, we're Mainers. We went from a drought in June to Christmas in July. If we can control the coronavirus, then a hail storm in mid July is nothing.



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