Leave it to Ryan Reynolds and his fantastic sense of humor to make sense of why 2020 is the WORST!

If you haven't seen them yet, let me introduce you to the latest work from Reynold's Production Company, Maximum Effort: An ad campaign for Match.com, that has the slogan "Technically, it’s still a match. #MatchMadeInHell."

The ads take a tongue-and-cheek stab at explaining the chaos that's taken place this past year.

Starring both The Devil (pretty sure it's not THE actual devil, but you get the gist) and the female embodiment of the year 2020 (again, not THE actual 2020), this series of commercials attempts to illustrate how easy it is to connect with anyone...literally anyone, on the online dating platform.

It also shows just how effective and life changing those "matches" can become...for better or worse...in this case it's worse.

"I started by using the Match custom search filter. I filtered out joy, happiness, toilet paper and reason..." says the Lord of Darkness in the second offering, out this week.

"Boom!" says 2020, pointing to herself.

In an article from adweek.com, a Match.com top exec puts it best:

" 'Sometimes you have to make space to laugh,' Match chief marketing officer Ayesha Gilarde said in a statement. 'Ryan and the team at Maximum Effort created a story that speaks to this hellish year, while acknowledging the incredible resilience of singles. We can’t wait for the love stories of 2021.' "

According to the LA Times, Taylor Swift got in on the ad action, lending her smash hit "Love Story" to the spots.

When all you can do is laugh, because the alternative is to cry at just how terrible everything is, you might as well have something funny to laugh at (at least, in my humble opinion.)

Let's be real; in this day and age, dating has got to be one of the most complicated and borderline dangerous activities people can do in person! (I'm kidding...kind of.) Who better advocate for an online dating app, in 2020, than 2020 and The Devil himself?!

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