2021 hasn't been a barrel of laughs so far either, dude.

It's hard to imagine ever having the need to write a song about how awful a year was, but the just completed 2020 would be a major exception to that rule. A raging pandemic that took lives, forced us to wear masks, and drove everyone indoors for months and months when things almost completely shut down back in March, most of us spent holidays and special events away from friends and family, concerts, fairs, sporting events and anything that inlcuded large crowds were either cancelled, or postponed, escalating political tensions that yet again rose to the surface during yesterdays ugly events in Washington, D.C., and so many other things that made life so difficult for all of us. I could go on and on here, but to sum it up, it sucked, so why not create something we can all hum along to, as we try to move forward with the hope of better days ahead.

Bangor Daily News repoter, Troy R. Bennett, grabbed his banjo and plunked a tune called "There Ain't Nothin' Funny About 2020", that the BDN shared on their various social media outlets, and now we would like to share it with all of our Z-107.3 listeners.

Here are the lyrics to the chorus, so can you belt it out by yourself!

"Well there ain't nothing funny bout 2020, no there ain't nothin funny I said. I'm just glad it's over now, and we made it through somehow, cuz there's better days comin' up ahead"

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