Get ready to go back in time to The "Barnyard" again, starting this, and every Wednesday night!

The Bangor Grande Hotel & Conference Center, located at 357 Odlin Road in Bangor, is the former Ramada Inn, where for many years was the number one destination for night life here in the area.

After The Bounty Tavern ended its run of 20+ years as Bangor's hottest dance club, another one came along, and also achieved legendary status here in town. Barnaby's was the place to be seen for well over a decade.

Affectionately known as "The Barnyard", if you were young and ready to dance and have a good time, it was the destination to cut loose on the weekends, but in September of 2013, they closed the doors, and focused on transitioning into a typical hotel lounge.

Many people have fond memories of Barnaby's, myself included. I was a fill in DJ there for many years, and it was definitely a blast to play music for those huge crowds that would gather on a Friday, or Saturday night.

The lounge at the new Bangor Grande Hotel, is called Blue Sky, but every Wednesday night, they are brining back the old school Barnaby's vibe.

After the huge success of their Halloween weekend party, that had a line of up to 75 people, Wednesday November 23rd, Blue Sky Lounge will be hosting another throwback ladies night. But, it doesn't stop there!

The party rolls on, each and every Wednesday, for Ladies Night

A DJ will be taking requests for all your favorite throwback songs, but you must be 21 to enter, with an ID required at the door, with a $5 cover charge.

Lots of people have been sharing their excitement about this event on social media, so join the fun, re-connect with some old friends, and dance the night away right before Thanksgiving Day!

Here is some advice: Based on the crowd last time, it would be a good idea to get there early!

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