One of the joys of summer camping is bringing the whole family out for some fresh air under the elements, including the family dogs!

In Maine, we have quite a few campgrounds to choose from but if you are a dog owner and plan on bringing the pooch along for the adventure be aware that there is one Maine State Campground where your dog is not welcomed - Sebago Lake State Park Campground.

In fact, no pets are allowed at the campground.

Fortunately, there are plenty of Public Lands for Mainers and visitors of the state to bring your pets.  In order to maintain our privilege of bringing your 'Jackson' or 'Fido' along do be sure to mindful of a few key rules:

  1. Keep your dog on a leash and "under the control of the handler"
  2. Do not leave your pet alone
  3. Clean up your pet's waste immediately
  4. Dispose of your pet's waste properly

For more info and resources about Maine Parks, visit the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands at

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