Maine State Parks are an amazing place to spend your time. Everybody should be able to get out and enjoy the amazing sights and places of our beautiful state. But, with Maine's natural rough terrain, some state parks have more barriers for disabled people than others.

State parks vary in their accessibility for those with difficulties getting around. Some parks have amenities that are not accessible, that do not meet ADA standards and can be very difficult to traverse, even with assistance to help. But, there are many state parks here in the State of Maine that do meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act that can get those with disabilities out and about and to get those folks out to enjoy the beauty of Maine.

Our list of the most accessible Maine State Parks is based off of a list provided by the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands. The MBPL created an access guide that lists all state parks with an ADA rating, a scale that starts with no access (1 star), limited access (2 stars) and good access (3 stars).

We selected just the 3 star-rated Maine State Parks in our list which includes a great level of accessibility for amenities like restrooms and picnic areas and even overnight information specific for check-in and campgrounds.

For those looking to view the great sights of Maine but have a little difficulty with her rough terrain, here's a straight-up best-of-the-best list of Maine's highest rated state parks that have the best access for those with disabilities to easily enjoy.

The Most ADA Compliant State Parks In Maine

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