Google is not an omnipotent tool.  It is merely reflecting what is on our minds, what we want to know and what is important to us.  And food is on the top of the list, of course.

But it's the change in what is being searched that may reflect our changing lifestyles in what we eat that is intriguing.

It has now been found that Google searches for "vegan" have surpassed those of "vegetarian".

It's no surprise to many area eateries and local shops.  The Bangor Area is most certainly abreast with this change, seeing an increase in vegan dishes and acknowledgement of the lifestyle more so in recent years, well before this new Google finding.

In honor of this shift of power, here is a list of Bangor Area Restaurants serving those living beings the non-animal/ non-animal bi-product lifestyle.  So, if you are curious or already living the lifestyle, then check these places out for your go-to vegan delights!