Maybe it's just the big, easily disappointed kid in me, but I always figure it's better not to talk about an unbelievably fun activity, unless it's actually gonna happen. For instance, my mom never would have told me we were headed to Disneyland, unless the tickets were bought and paid for.

Well, that terrible thing happened. We reported here, almost exactly a month ago, that some new ideas were being presented to the city, to bring more events to the downtown are to replace the Cool Sounds Concert Series. Those events have seen quite a decline the last few years, so members of the Downtown Bangor Partnership were looking to bring some new energy into the summer.

There was also a proposal for AeroBallon, a big 60-foot helium filled balloon that would float up to 16 people at a time, overlooking the city. As of this moment, that idea may still be on the table, WABI-TV5 reports. And that, I do have to admit, would be pretty cool...

But a cool as a 1,000-foot water slide running down Park Street? Nope. Turns out the group has decided not to pursue the water slide idea.

Sure, it was probably going to be a logistical and liability nightmare, but c'mon.... I might consider pretty much signing my life away, if it meant I could ride a water slide from one end of downtown to the other.

Some things just aren't meant to be, I guess. It sounded wicked fun, and I'm pretty bummed I won't get to try it. I'll just have to go somewhere else to slide on water. But man, I was really looking forward the closest thing I was gonna get to Disneyland in my adulthood, right in my back yard.

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