Well, Bangor. It was fun while it lasted.

Korean Dad is calling it a wrap.

One of the latest Bangor area eateries to join the scene during the pandemic is deciding to call it quits very soon.

Korean Dad, which serves up authentic Korean food out of Veazie, announced on Tuesday that they are closing their doors soon. In fact, their building is already up for sale.

Earlier this year in February, it was announced on Facebook that Korean Dad was going to be opening up in Bangor to bring those kimchi food lovers in the area some new flavor to the restaurant scene experience; a much-needed authentic Korean cuisine restaurant to Penobscot Valley.

The restaurant opened up in May in Veazie and has been releasing daily menus throughout each week since its opening. Their available food items get sold out on a daily basis. Their ability to thrive as a new business during a pandemic when many other small businesses are closing or barely getting by is one of the reasons their announcement on Tuesday came as a bit of a shock to the Bangor area.

The restaurant stated that they are very appreciative of the support of the restaurant from the community but, the side hustle is getting to be a bit much for family and their existing "full-time work schedules": "Every meal served has been a delight, but with the family’s full time work schedules we have made the decision to close the business in the near future."

The post states that they plan on staying open for a bit longer, adding that they will be open Friday and Saturday.

Follow them on Facebook to try to claim one of the last dishes they will ever serve the Bangor area.


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