In February, it was announced that a Korean restaurant would be opening in Bangor. This will bring a new kind of cuisine to the area along with a new business during the pandemic. Since then a few things have changed for the new restaurateurs but now there is an opening date.

'Korean Dad' made the announcement on Sunday of their potential (and highly anticipated) opening date of the new restaurant as Thursday, May 20.

According to Korean Dad's Facebook post from Sunday, there are some inspections that need to be passed and a few more finishing touches in the coming weeks before they open their doors.

Since we last reported on their opening in February, the restaurant, which was originally to be located on Center Street in Bangor, will now be located in Veazie, where the former 'Stone Sparrow Cafe' was at 1492 State Street.

They have been spending some time at the new-to-them establishment already, cleaning out and selling items. In fact, they've gotten some history and feedback about this iconic location.

Check out this special Facebook post from a few weeks ago from about a personal story relating to the building that the new restaurant is taking over:

A woman approached the other day as we were rebuilding the stairs/ramp. She excitedly explained that this establishment was created in 1972, and she was born in 1973. In the concrete, she and her mother were allowed to sign the spot with footprints and name. Sally gets to keep her mark to this day!


Korean Dad first made its presence known on Facebook in February of this year as a a new restaurant coming to the Bangor area specializing in Korean soul food. It was described to have a casual dine-in option and, of course, take out.

You can expect traditional Korean cuisine as well as vegan and vegetarian accommodations.

Keep up-to-date with Korean Dad by following their Facebook page, Korean Dad.

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