Spring is around the corner and what better way to celebrate than checking out a Chocolate Festival here in Maine.  A nice little day trip to the Katahdin region and back on a Saturday has been on your to do list all winter, so let's get this item checked off your list... and I have a feeling the temptation of a belly full of chocolate will entice you enough that no arm twisting would have to be involved.

Yep, a CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL!  This exists right annually in Greenville, Maine and it's going to be happening Sunday, February 17th starting at 12:30 for early admission.

This is the fifteenth year for the Moosehead Lake Region Chocolate Festival.  How did I not know about this until now!

And if browsing the many varieties of chocolate and multitude of chocolate combinations isn't enough there is even a Chocolate Lovers luncheon.  Stop it!

The event will also feature a Chinese Auction.

To keep up with the updates about the festival, check out the event page on Facebook.

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