That's right! You will now once again, be able to enjoy the goodness that was arguably  Bangor's most famous restaurant. The family-run establishment opened back in 1933, and sadly closed its doors for good in 2008. And now nothing remains of the old location, as it's the new home of Convenient MD, a walk-in medical clinic.

But Paul Baldacci Jr. has re-imagined the legendary eatery in an updated form, as a food truck. Baldacci Jr. has taken a lot of the old-world recipes from the original restaurant, and put a more modern culinary spin on them. For instance, according to an article in the Bangor Daily News, the chicken parm sandwich is now buttermilk-brined fried chicken, fresh mozzarella, capicola, garlic ailoi, and Baldacci's famous marinara. I'm getting hungrier as I write this....

Baldacci Jr. is excited to do a slew of events locally over the winter, as well as a few in Portland. And when spring hits, he intends to take the truck on the road to Portland at least one day a week, and a day or two here in Bangor as well. It doesn't sound like Baldacci will be setting up a regular haunt for his goodies, because being mobile seems to be the key for him.

The idea of being mobile, of having that kind of freedom, and of being able to be in both Bangor and Portland was just perfect for me. When you see an opportunity like that, you’ve got to take it … and the idea of bringing Momma Baldacci’s back, but putting my own spin on it, is just like a lifelong dream. It feels really right.

I personally can't wait to get down to this truck and empty my wallet at him. I literally want to try it all right now. And there's just something about bringing Momma Baldacci's back to life that seems to be the right thing to do for Bangor. So, shove as napkin in your shirt collar, and get ready.....Bangor's most famous Italian food is coming home!

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