I can't say this is a time in history where I love loud booms from the sky.

I grew up in the end of the Cold War. I saw a time when the US went from being the bitter enemy of Russia, to two super powers trying to end decades of misunderstanding. And during this whole time, we were all convinced "the bomb" was going to drop anytime. It was an odd time for sure.

Then add that incident in Hawaii a few years ago, when they had the false nuclear attack warning. I have a friend who lives there and described to me what the feeling was like there. So I can imagine in Washington County over the weekend, when people saw a bright flash and heard an explosion, they may have thought this was it.

Well, maybe not. But they definitely got on Facebook about it. Then NASA confirmed.

I follow a couple of the scanner pages and Downeast stuff, and people were immediately commenting that they say a bright flash in the sky, followed by a huge boom, like a legit explosion. People had all sorts of speculation, but most agreed it was some kind of meteor or something. Turns out, they were all right.

According to WABI, there is confirmation from NASA of Maine's first radar-observed meteor fall in Maine. It seems to have centered right around Calais, but likely the pieces burned up, or came apart upon entry. But doing so caused the flash and the sonic boom, which means pieces definitely broke the sound barrier while plummeting to Earth.

There haven't been any pieces found so far, but it's been suggested that if you find anything, you get in touch with the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum in Bethel. You could likely also be in touch with people from the University of Maine system and get a source for confirmation as well. Either way, pretty cool thing to have confirmed here in the Pine Tree State by NASA...

Here's some beautiful spots right on land instead of the heavens...

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