Can we all agree that Maine is pretty much made of baked beans?

I do admit, I don't carry on the Maine tradition of baked beans on Saturday nights. Even though my wife would probably be all for it. But all through my youth, up through when I moved out of my folks house, we had beans every weekend. It seemed all my friends did too. Maybe it's fallen off in recent years, and if so, that's a bummer.

Photo by Zach Reiner on Unsplash
Photo by Zach Reiner on Unsplash

But if you're talking about the old days of Maine, or if you're referencing Paul Bunyan stories or old logging camps in Maine, then at some point the subject of beans will eventually come into play. That's why I think if Bush's Baked Beans is going to send a bean themed "can-per" in national parks, Maine should be one of the stops.

Would you sleep inside a can of baked beans?

I think most Mainers would. If you follow this link to, you can scope the inside and out of this magnificent camper in the shape of a can of beans. Once you look at the inside and see all the unique ways that Bush's Baked Beans managed to brand the inside of this thing, you'll realize how badly we need it Maine.

We've already had to suffer the catastrophic loss of our old B&M Baked Bean factory on the Portland waterfront. So if Bush's could ease our suffering by letting us bask in the glory of this rolling fart tank, we'd be grateful as a state. Our baked bean culture needs this to feel like we're still connected to our roots. And if we could get the Oscar Meyer truck to come too? Match made in heaven. Maybe even the LL Bean boot too?

Even though it's not coming to Maine, you can still enter the contest to go spend some time on this thing. Who would sleep a little easier with a giant "Roll that beautiful bean footage" mural over their heads? Knowing you're being looked in on by beans is comforting. Enter to win that contest right here. And please, take me if you win!

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