The nerve of some people.

Every now and then we like breezing through Craig's List and checking out the "missed connections" that occur in Maine.  Now we'd never get on Craig's List to try to reconnect, but each to their own.

Our first missed connection took place in the Union Street Hannaford super market in Bangor.  Apparently someone was very naughty and not following the green directional arrows on the floor correctly, which caused a little in aisle bickering.  But when these two met again at the cash register there was one-on-one contact and a false promise made.

"U gave me hell for going the wrong way down an isle .
Then we met again at the check out and u were going to meet me out front and give ma cpl pkgs .of your popcorn balls as Hannaford was sold out
Would love to meet and buy u a drink and have a chat
Get back to me tell me about our conversation so i know its you
You seem to be a nice Lady
Be awaiting get back to me"

Yup, this guy ended up leaving Hannaford without his balls and was left holding an empty sack. That'll teach him for going the wrong way in the soup aisle.

Another missed connection with balls happened down in southern Maine in the town of York, apparently at the Ledges Golf Club driving range. The writer of the post wasn't all that optimistic of reconnecting, but hey, you don't offer up your balls without trying to hook up again.

"No chance you'll read this but it's worth the few minutes to try. We parked next to each other. I mistook you for an employee but you were there to practice and said "I don't work weekends" with a beautiful smile. I was with my friends and wasn't going to hear it from them for flirting with you. Hope you enjoyed the extra balls I gave you. If you read this hit me up and I'll tell you more about me"

Lesson learned?  Never mistake another customer for "someone who works here", or you'll never see your balls again.

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