Easter is right around the corner and parents are planning on how to make the hunt extra special this year.

The kids always enjoy searching for Easter eggs.  Hunting the colorful eggs and finding candy or coins inside always makes the journey a little more exciting.  Here are a few ways to have a little more fun with it just by changing when you do your Easter hunting.

Hunt by Flashlight

Join a community Easter egg hunt that features all of the fun of the Easter egg hunt but in the dusk hours.  Old Town has one tomorrow night at the Rec center that features nighttime hunting, with flashlights from 8 PM - 11 PM.  Brewer will be doing the same thing at Brewer Parks and Rec from 7:30 PM - 8:00 PM on March 30th.

Eggs That Glow in the Dark

Keeping with the nighttime theme, sometimes it can be a little more fun to find the object that is glowing in the dark.  Try putting in glow sticks into your Easter eggs.  the glow sticks double as a prize as well.

Hunt, Move and.... Mooo?

Instead of all of the eggs containing candy try throwing in some slips of paper that direct the child to jump up and down 5 times or to moo like a cow.  Have the kids open each egg as they find them and watch (and film) them as they perform the different directions. It's different and the the kids will be amped up to do it.

A Hunt for the Dogs

It's a family affair which means you gotta do a hunt for the dogs.  It would be best to do it separate from the kids' hunt, since there will probably be lots of chocolate around.

Here's a recipe for dog cookies that you and the kids can make before hand and especially for Fido's hunt.

Once the cookies are all done, have the kids hide the treats for your lucky pup to find.

Hope these inspire you to have a more memorable Easter hunt for your family!


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