This past weekend, Caribou held its town-wide yard sale. While this one missed my radar, don't worry if you missed it because there are plenty more town-wide yardsales planned in the months to come.

Here are the town-wide, community yard sales we found to mark on your calendar for the months to come here in Maine.

Cornville - May 21st + May 22nd

It's one of the most anticipated yard sales in Maine. The central Maine annual yard sale is touted as the '10 Mile Yard Sale' and what avid yard sale addicts wouldn't be attracted to that? There's even a map. Check out their Facebook page to keep up with the info.

Greenville - June 11th

Heading up north, this community yard sale in Greenville coincides with the Moosehead Lake Artisans Show at the Greenville Depot from 9 AM - 3 PM. Few details were available but, check out the latest info by visiting Greenville's website.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Veazie - June 17th + 18th + 19th

Hanging out in the Bangor area, the Town of Veazie will be hosting a community yard sale throughout their town across 3 days. It is permit-free for the people of Veazie which means maybe more yard sales for those looking to find a deal. This info was found on the Town of Veazie's Facebook page.

Hampden - June 25th

It has been reported that the Town of Hampden will have its own town-wide yard sale coming up on June 25th. Residents will be able to participate with a $5 fee, which, comparing the amount of money you could bring in from a yard sale, could really pay off.

Howland - July 9th

Howland will be having several things happening on July 9th- a concert, cornhole tournament, craft fair, flea market, and a town-wide yard sale. Mark this one on the calendar. Information found on the Town of Howland Municipal Page on Facebook.

Orrington's 'Endless Yard Sale' - July 15th + 16th + 17th

Another impressive yard sale hosted by a town, Orrington will be the location of Maine's 'Endless Yard Sale' in July. This community-wide yard sale is a part of a multi-day event taking place July 15th - 24th, called Orrington Old Home Week, which is filled with tons of special events, shows, tours, and more.  All details at Orrington Old Home Week on Facebook.

Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media
Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media

Guilford - July

The town of Guilford holds an annual community-wide yard sale. There are rumors of dates set for this year but, we're not finding any online, yet. So, watch for info via the town's Facebook page or the town website.

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