For many of us, it's just a matter of common sense: when we have a stretch of warm, dry weather and the fire danger is high as a result of this, it's a good idea not to partake in activities that involved fire outside. Whether it be a bonfire, a fire pit, or even fireworks, dry conditions + flames and fire can = disaster. Most people are aware of this.

close-up of flames from a fire rising

But every once in a while, some folks forget.

Like this weekend, when some individuals in the Dedham/Lucerne area decided to have some fun with some fireworks. The fire danger around the state had been deemed high. So in doing this, they put their friends and neighbors at risk.

The Dedham/Lucerne Fire Department felt compelled to remind folks, via their Facebook page Sunday, that based on this weekend's events it's probably best to refrain from setting off fireworks when the level of Fire Danger is that high.

Michael Smith
Michael Smith

"It has been brought to our attention that some people needed to entertain themselves last night with a fireworks display. Although it is their right, when following our local ordnance, we would hope that common sense might dictate a better choice in the future.

So far there haven't been any bad outcomes from this event, and we are considering ourselves lucky. With the extremely dry conditions and the many fires ongoing in the state this weekend we would ask that people think first, and wait for a more appropriate time."

You can always check with your local Fire Department to find out what the conditions are like in your town at any given time, or you can click on this link, and check conditions throughout the state.

Please be safe out there, and use some common sense. Our first responders and firefighters are already spread so thin. Let's keep them from having to work extra on fires that could easily be prevented with the use of some good judgment.

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