Call me crazy, but it's a pretty bold move to come to someone else's state as a visitor and write into a local newspaper with an Op-Ed basically trashing the entire state. It's an even more bold move when that person is from New York, comes to OUR state, and trashes it.

Does Frank Grande not know about the massive rivalry between New England and New York? Maybe he was just trolling us, considering there are times where a New Englander could be driving up or down 95, lean out their window while passing a car with a New York plate and make sure the world still knows that New Englanders think the "Yankees Suck!"

The most interesting thing, honestly, is Frank is mentioning how there is trash, junk and debris found strewn all over Mainers' yards, meanwhile there are videos on the internet of rats the size of buffalo walking around the streets of New York with full cheese pizzas hanging out of their mouths. And he's calling MAINE out about trash?

Reddit user DavenportBlues brought this article to light, which received a massive response from commenters on the thread, mostly all your typical sarcastic New England responses.

"It's not trash, Frank. Those are treasures I intend to put to use some day." - Reddit user -DIL-

"When I first visited Maine, my Mainer buddy who was showing me around told me it was 'lawn art.'" - Reddit user Cockroach-Jones

"That's my back-up bathtub for washing the dog! And I may need that extra toilet seat someday. Just because it doesn't fit in the shed (1995 Ford Escort on blocks) doesn't mean it's trash. Only rich *expletive* throw perfectly good parts away." - Reddit user Banban84

"Right? To you it's an old oil pan from a '68 Biscayne. But to me, it's a new mailbox." - Reddit user the_facts_please

Maine 1, Frank -2938472983.

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