Online food ordering has been a big change in the past year with the pandemic.  Now more than ever, the utility to be able to order food online and have it delivered is more than convenient, it's adding safety in a brave new world rocked by a pandemic.

One thing to consider when purchasing food online is the local Maine producers, where you can purchase direct from the farm.  Some farms add in convenient shipping or delivery options which can make shopping for groceries healthier for your diet and great for the economy of local farmers.

We have put together a list of Maine producers that find a way to get their products to your home through shipping or delivery methods.

Many of the producers on our list are a member of the Real Maine website, which highlights local producers and their product offerings.

Some of the producers we have listed are included in what are called farm share programs or community supported agriculture shares (CSAs). These are seasonal commitments from individual community members to buy produce and other farm products from local farmers.  In turn, farms combine their products to be distributed to those community individuals for the seasonal commitment and who are participating in the program.  In fact, many farms throughout Maine participate in CSAs. Click here for a list of organic farms that are part of CSA programs throughout the State of Maine.

This year, there has some pause in the CSA action and really want to focus farm efforts on farm stands.

But if you want more convenience than a jaunt to your nearest farm stand or farmer's market, here is a list of Maine's local producers- making milk, cheese, cultivating lettuce and tomatoes and raising beef, chickens and pork- that will bring their products to your home.

Maine Producers That Deliver to Your Home

Via vehicle or shipping, here's a list of some Maine independent producers who are raising livestock and growing food right in Maine's backyard that can be delivered right to you.

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