Hard to imagine any of these laws being enforced, but stranger things have happened!

Without a doubt, you will always find something annoying when you browse TikTok on a regular basis, but you can find some fun things to watch too.

A TikTok user named nuffys seems absolutely flabbergasted by some of the laws that are on the books in various states, so he makes these short clips about it, and it just so happens that he decided to take a look a some weird ones right here in the Great State of Maine.

He's not wrong, because they are pretty bizarre, to say the least.

Take a look at this Top 10 list of doozies:

#10- Shotguns must be brought to church during a Native American attack.

#9- Bullets can't be used as currency

#8- It is illegal to advertise in a cemetery

#7- You can't walk down the street playing the violin in Augusta

#6- You can't gamble at the airport in Biddeford

#5- You can't roller skate down the sidewalk in Biddeford

#4- Only the police department can park in front of a Dunkin Donuts in South Berwick

#3- You can't have a dog leash over a foot long in Waterboro

#2- You can't step out of a plane mid-flight (Well, I should hope not!)

#1- You can't keep your Christmas lights up past January 14th (Finally, one that actually makes sense)

As with any state, I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg, but this particular list of 10 is just flat-out ... weird.

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Gallery Credit: Katelyn Leboff

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