Though the state of Maine doesn't have a professional sports team in any of the four major pro sports leagues, but that doesn't mean that one of the towns that resides in its borders isn't a great sports city. recently did some research into the Best Sports Cities in the United States for a combination of football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer, using 50 different metrics to rank the top 420 cities in the country for sports.  The town of Orono charted in the top 100 overall with a ranking of 96, making it also the 31st best sports city in small size markets (less than 100,000 people)

The University of Maine Black Bears celebrate
Elsa, Getty Images

Orono scored its highest marks in hockey, coming in at the 30th best in all the charted cities, largely due to the UMaine hockey program.  The town ranked 140th in football, 219th in basketball, 172nd in baseball, and 247th in soccer.

Boston was the top charting city overall, followed by New York City, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh.  The only other Maine city to make the list was Portland which came in at 350th overall.

The data was compiled using the Global Sports Media Consumption Report, and then weighed due to sport.  To view where other cities rank, along with seeing how the data was compiled, you can find it here.

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