These are the type of local stories that warm my heart on a cold winter's day.

I read a letter from a 2nd-grade Hampden teacher that made me smile and once again reminded me that teachers are selfless heroes of our community.

The letter was from Mrs. Bouchard, a Hampden teacher at Earl C. McGraw School, and her 2nd grade class. They are participating in “Hearts Around the US” this year.

The goal in participating is to receive a Valentine or a postcard from all 50 states. They will keep track of each state that sends a Valentine or postcard by adding a heart to a United States map that Mrs. Bouchard hung up in their classroom.

What a creative and exciting way to learn the states and geography! This classroom's excitement must be through the roof when the mail arrives with a letter.

How can you help? Well, for Mrs. Bouchard's 2nd-grade classroom's "Heart Around the US" to be successful, they need you to spread the word to a friend or family member living outside of Maine and have them send a Valentine or postcard to:

Earl C. McGraw School
Attn: Mrs. Bouchard's 2nd Grade Class
20 Main Road North
Hampden, Maine 04444


Please don't hesitate to send your Valentine or postcard because they would like to have all arrive before February 14.

I have seen this done at other schools before and it is always so fun to hear how many cards were received and how the kids were learning in a unique way.

Fifty Valentines from 50 states is doable and I hope this helps them get to their goal.

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