Teachers are the humble and selfless heroes of our community. They wake up every day and head to school to not only educate our children but to make sure their students know that they care about each and every student.

One Brewer Pre-K Teacher definitely made her students feel special when she got inspired by a TikTok idea she saw and brought it to her classroom! This TikTok originated from a teacher who had each student in her classroom design their own hats during school.

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Mrs. King (from Brewer Community School) loved that idea for many reasons and asked each student to design their own special hat. She thought it was a great way to give back to the community and to ensure that every child has a warm hat this winter.

Mrs. King had her 15 students color a picture of a hat she printed out, and when all her kids finished, she took the pictures home and created 15 knitted hats to give to each individual student. This incredible idea was a huge hit in her classroom. The students were so excited to put on the hats that they designed.

They called them their "magic hats!” One student said, "I'm never taking it off and am even wearing it to bed!"

Below is the video idea that inspired Mrs. King.

When I heard about this act of kindness from Mrs. King, it reminded me that teachers do so much more than teach our kids. A lot of times they work off the clock to plan lessons, think of different ways to teach because not every child learns the same way, and do something like making hats that the kids will remember for years to come.

Thank you to all the teachers who go to work every day to make sure our kids know they care.

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