It's something many folks have gone out of their way in search of, and it's why many people live here. Maine has taken the top spot on a recent list of Public Safety Rankings as the Safest State!

While Vermont and New Hampshire came in second and third this year, Maine had the lowest overall violent crime rate, according to information put out on the U.S. News and World Report. "In terms of violent crime, it is ranked first in the nation for having the lowest crime rate. For property crimes, the state is ranked 4th."

And they say that crime, overall, seems to be declining. "Though some major cities, such as Chicago and Baltimore, have seen drastic increases in homicides in recent years, overall violent crime and property crime rates remain near historic lows."

The ranking was based on information provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The statistics show that in both instances of violent crime and crimes involving burglary, theft of motor vehicle theft and larceny have fallen between 3% and 4% in the last few years.

Not a bad list to be on the top of, for once! Way to go, Maine!


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